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Facial Recognition with Built in Mask Wearing Detection

Face recognition allows business to use this for their staff as a sign in sign out device.

Mask wearing and early detection screening, which will alert management. Stay ahead or potential problems with our state of the art camera systems.


Protect Your Health and Livelihood 

High-Precision Integrated Mask Screening through Face Recognition Technology

With Quick Response Notification and Device Logging

Screen for early detection of changes when scanning individuals entering your workplace or venue with Hikvision Face Recognition Terminals.

Find The Ideal Terminal For Your Workplace
Hikvision DS-K5671-ZU image

Hikvision DS-K5671-ZU

Water-Proof Touch Screen Face Recognition Terminal

Hikvision Face Recognition Terminals are equipped with advanced algorithms that detect, identify, and authenticate efficiently in real time.

Accurately record individuals coming into and going out of your workplace or venue without physical contact through remote live view. The DS-K5671-ZU also features several ID authentication protocols, with quick-response alert systems for unidentified biometrics.

Hikvision DS-K5604A-3XF/V image

Hikvision DS-K5604A-3XF/V

Integrated Mask Screening Face Recognition Terminal

The Hikvision DS-K5604A-3XF/V features integrated thermal scanning sensors, so you can screen for early detection triggers while scanning an individual.

It also recognizes whether or not the individual is wearing a face mask, and can refuse authentication for not wearing one.

This terminal also features plug-and-play software, so that it can be set up at various locations as needed.

Key Features
Early Detection Measurement
Temperature Measurement icon
Touch-Free Access Control
Touch-Free Access Control icon
Mask Detection
Mask Detection icon
Audio Broadcast icon
Audio Broadcast
Screen Display Temperature icon
Screen Display Detection
Real-time Remote Alarm & Management icon
Real-time Remote Alarm & Management
Temperature Measurement icon
Temperature Measurement
Touch-Free Access Control icon
Touch-Free Access Control
Mask Detection icon
Mask Detection
Audio Broadcast icon
Audio Broadcast
Screen Display Temperature icon
Screen Display Temperature
Real-time Remote Alarm & Management icon
Real-time Remote Alarm & Management

Thermal Imaging Sensors for Detection Screening
With Professional Installation in Melbourne

Surviving the global emergency requires immediate action. Defend your workplace and local community with high-precision thermal scanning camera systems suited for all sorts of environments.

Hikvision Fever Screening Cameras’ advanced thermal imaging sensors are designed for early detection screening with quick-response alert systems. The Miller Electrics Group are certified Hikvision suppliers in the Melbourne area, with the expertise necessary to properly install and set up their thermal scanning systems.

Protect your health and livelihood now. Contact us at Miller Electrics for installation.

Call us today at 1300 241 666 for obligation-free consultations.

Call us today 1300 241 666 for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you secure the safety and health of your staff, customers and business.

Protect your staff and community with high-precision early detection scanning camera systems.

Scan accurately for signs of altered states with Hikvision fever screening cameras. The cameras are equipped with advanced operating systems that detect, pinpoint, and identify changed conditions, whether you’re scanning an individual or through a crowd.

With dedicated thermal imaging technology like video content analysis (VCA) and face matching authentication, the Hikvision detection screening cameras strengthen the security of any office building, physical store, or public-access venue.

Miller Electric supplies and provides installation services for Hikvision fever screening cameras within Melbourne.

Is Your Workplace at Risk?

A Detection Screening System (FSS) is designed to quickly and efficiently identify elevated temperatures within an environment or a group of people. As fever is a key symptom of many contagious illnesses, fever screening is critical in ensuring your safety and health within your workplace or community gathering venues.

Below are high-risk industries and occupations that require an Early Detection Screening System:

image for fever screening system - aged care
Aged Care
image for fever screening system - hospitals
image for fever screening system - schools
image for fever screening system - factories
image for fever screening system - offices
image for fever screening system - ports
image for fever screening system - airports
image for fever screening system - churches
image for fever screening system - train stations
Train Stations
image for fever screening system - sporting venues
Sporting Venues
image for fever screening system - restaurants
image for fever screening system - cruise ships
Cruise Ships
Stay Safe and Protected

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